Birthday Banoffee Brownies


It was my other half’s birthday yesterday and there was already a cake in place – which only saw the light on day for 24 hours – and I fancied baking something to celebrate. Now, I must admit I am not the best of bakers hence why this was such a momentous occasion for me, and the reasons are a. because I don’t have the time the dedicate too it (thank goodness because I think I would become the size of a house) and b. everyone else is better at it in my family so I usually leave it to the pros. But as it was his birthday and thought I put my house wifey cap on and take inspiration from his favourite desert, banoffee pie, and incorporate it into a brownie. Here’s the recipe:

100g White chocolate

100g Caramel from a tin

100g Butter

250g Caster sugar

200g Self Raising Flower

Two eggs

Two sliced ripe bananas

Step one: Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Step two: Melt the caramel, sugar and white chocolate until smooth

Step three: Cool for a short time and then add the eggs and fold in the flour and bananas

Step four: Pour into a tin and pop in the oven for around 45 minutes or until golden

Simples! As the token amateur baker I forgot to greece the tin so the brownie was a bit tricky to get out of the pan, so make sure that’s on your to do list before popping in the oven. Quite a nice and easy recipe that’s good for the time conscious baker as you can leave it to bake and wait for the magic to happen.

Top tip: With the leftover caramel, make your fruit more flavoursome by dipping apples and making some classic toffee apples by sticking them in the fridge to cool. And to take it one step further, mash up the toffee apples and put a layer of crumble mix on top to make that good old British favourite, apple crumble with a twist.