An interview with…Bryony Hill


Introducing you to 19-year-old singer-songwriter Bryony Hill who moved to Stroud just under a year ago, she has settled into the area rather nicely and has established herself as a brilliant acoustic act in the area. One for the romantic, modern day covers pioneered by female acts such as Gabrielle Apline, I interviewed her about her music, what the Stroud music scene means to her and also get an intimate live performances of her rendition of Daughter’s track ‘Run’.

Here the full interview here

An interview with…Bryony Hill by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

Crossing over genres with her friend Lifting Fights from college, here’s Bryony taking up the vocals on the dustep track ‘Open Your Eyes’.


Listen Again To The Teacakes and Talk Show

If you missed the latest Teacakes and Talk show that had the special theme of family and friends never fear for you can listen to the whole thing again right here.

Teacakes and Talk Five by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

A big thank you to everyone that listened and took part, especially to Jade Price who is climbing the Three Peaks at the end of May for charity, George Montague ahead of his Cheltenham Jazz Festival performance and of course to my grandparents Nanny Carole and Bampy Dave for talking about baking cakes and making wine.


Looking forward to the next one! Tune in next Saturday 10am-12pm on Stroud 107.9FM.


Black Books Cafe Stroud

It’s a Sunday, our good old roast was delayed and I was in need of a frame so popping into Stroud was essential after my country walk around the village to get the Sunday newspaper. How very prim and proper. The reality of it was that I was woken up by a text message at half six in the morning and in need of some decent coffee, of course the other bits were on the list too but I was more interested in my caffeine fix. After seeing my cousin Kelly over Easter she was telling me about her latest venture in Stroud, The Black Books cafe, which has been around for quite some time now.


And after hearing all about it I thought to pay a visit and appreciate just what a brilliant idea it is. Coffee, cake and books – you’re onto a winner. Dragging my mum to the top of town in the old Soap and Suds building, which is a beautiful art deco extraordinaire, I walked into the cafe in amazement at just how big it was and how unique it was. Old leather sofas, kitsch decorations, books from ceiling to floor and a tea list the size of Manhattan it really is a treasure of Stroud.


Opting for a vanilla coffee and mum an orange juice we revelled in the classical music and diversity of people in the Black Books Cafe. Computer enthusiasts making the most of the free wi-fi, family, arty types and then the two peas in a pod (me and mum) it just goes to show that Stroud really is a melting pot of culture.


The coffee was creamy but not too sweet and I was certainly eying up the cakes on the counter a treat, I’ll just have to stop by another time. The gingerbread syrup is also on my next to try list. The tables were decorated with colourful old pages and the chairs were so comfy you could sit there for hours. Not too pricey and it certainly beats going to a chain coffee shop, sticking by the ‘shop local, be local’ ethos. Definitely worth the trek up to the top of Stroud. At the end of the day I never did get that frame, but I certainly got some lovely indulgent coffee.