Listen Again to the Teacakes and Talk Show


If you missed the latest Teacakes and Talk show never fear for you can listen to the whole thing again right here.

Teacakes and Talk Four by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

A big thank you to everyone that listened and took part, especially to Dog is Dead, Tim and Kerry from Kitsch Coffee and Wine Bar and of course the lovely Bryony Hill for performing live in the studio and being part of the show. Looking forward to the next one! Tune in next Saturday 10am-12pm on Stroud 107.9FM.


Happy Record Store Day


Six years ago today those crazy folk in the USA conjured up the day of all days for music lovers around the world – the craziest part is that we didn’t think of it first! Celebrating music in it’s finest form we unite on this day with pounds in our pocket and a hop skip and a jump in our step toddling off to our local record store. With the decline of the super giants in this current climate it is time that we invested in what we’ve got left on the highstreet. Independent record stores are here to stay and Rise in Cheltenham is by far my favourite in the Cotswolds. Fashion, music, books and stationary, what’s not to like!


This music shop has been around for a few years selling cds, books and the occasional music memorabilia, and to be honest I thought it would go down the same route as Zavvi, right down the recession drain. But it has upped its game and tapped into a market that is so dated, but so now. We’re living in the age of  dusting off our vinyls, reliving our heritage and investing into keepsakes, and Rise have hit the market so well in a town that is so eclectic. Cheltenham has its posh parts in Montpellier but also high street names too, so finding a shop like this is a goldmine.


Me and the boyfriend were putting the world to rights the other day and talking about how retailers overprice charity shop hand me downs and pass them off for vintage, but Rise is well priced, caters for males and females and utilises the best of both worlds with my too passions, music and fashion. Stumbling across a Radiohead vinyl for £6 and difficult to find new releases for about a tenner I could honestly spend hours in this place waiting to find something new. The clothes are beautiful and I couldn’t help tap my toes to the soundtrack playing on the shop floor. Its sister shop in Bristol also holds live gigs now and again and have had the likes of Mumford and Sons and The xx play instore, showing that its passion really does lie in the music and doesn’t shut its doors at 5pm.


I’ve never been one for collecting vinyls, this one time I had a thing for stickers, so maybe this could be the time to invest in something new and try my hand at djing with music that not only sounds great but looks beautiful too. Not only is this a chance to ditch the digital downloads and buy into music in its puritst form, it’s about buying from an independent music store right on my doorstep. Oh yeah, the website is very cool too, ok geek moment over.

Teacakes and Talk factoid: Rise was voted as the Best Independent Music Retailer in the 2010 Music Week Awards.